Students Say What: What is the strangest Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Ava Angle and Lena Pearson

As the holidays roll around, Santa Claus isn’t the only one coming to town. In preparation for the weird relatives and even weirder presents this season, Titans share some of the strangest Christmas gifts they have ever received.

“The strangest gift I’ve ever received was a live chicken in a Secret Santa gift exchange,” sophomore Caitlin Leonard said.

“I got the head of a creepy doll and I threw it away immediately after,” senior Matias Cherry said.

“I got a pack of underwear in a gift exchange,” freshman Ila Plass said.

“I received a hat with an umbrella on top and I haven’t used it once,” junior Acacia Arnold said.

“I got a singular pack of peanuts,” senior Kingg Fareeb said.

“My grandparents gave me numerous hunting knives and a doll that once belonged to a girl who died in their house,” sophomore Kai Reiter said.

“I just got juice boxes in my stocking,” freshman Ana York said.

“I got a jar of pickles. Two years in a row,” senior Azriella McClearen said.

“The strangest gift I’ve ever gotten was a completely nonfunctional pencil case with no zipper from my grandma,” sophomore Grant Lovingood said.

“I got a massive pencil and got in trouble when I brought it to school,” freshman Alex Steele said.

“I got a terrifying porcelain doll with black eyes,” junior Braeden Carter said.

At the end of the day, just because a gift is strange doesn’t mean it’s bad. A weird gift can put smiles on people’s faces as well as bring some humor to the table. Next time you buy someone a gift for the holidays, consider thinking outside of the box.