What type of spring break is best for you?


Claire Reinthaler, Features Writer

Spring break is approaching fast, but some may be unsure what to do with the week off. Take this quiz to find out what type of spring break would be best fit for you.
1) Which of these is most appealing to do over spring break?
a) Go on vacation
b) Spend time with friends
c) Catch up on school work
d) Stay home and chill
2) Where would you prefer to go on vacation?
a) To an amusement park
b) To visit family
c) To the mountains
d) To the beach
3) What do you usually spend your free time doing?
a) Spending time outdoors
b) Calling your friends
c) Reading
d) Sleeping
4) Which of these would be your go-to road trip snack?
a) Chocolate
b) Chips
c) Trail mix
d) Gummy candy
5) What is your goal for spring break?
a) Have as much fun as possible
b) Hang out with the people close to you
c) Get caught up or ahead for school
d) Make sure I get enough sleep
6) What do you want your last day of spring break to look like?
a) check one last item off your spring break bucket list
b) catch up with people about how their spring break went
c) get all of your school stuff ready for the next day
d) go to bed early
Mostly A – Adventurous Spring Break
You’re outgoing and always up for new activities! You want to get the very most out of your spring break by doing as many exciting activities as possible. Not one to be left out of the fun, you always want to be involved in everything that’s happening. It’s important to you to always have something to do – even if that something is just watching your favorite movie.
Mostly B – People-Oriented Spring Break
You want to spend as much time as you can with the people closest to you. You value your friendships and family relationships highly, and want to make sure no one feels left out. You might organize a family reunion over your spring break, or an elaborate day out with your friends. Either way, you always want to be interacting with people you care about – whether it’s in person, over text or over the phone.
Mostly C – Hard-Working Spring Break
You take the time off you’re given over spring break very seriously, and use it to get up to date on all your schoolwork. You’re very organized and hardworking, and when you’re not doing homework, you can normally be found reading or writing, or even cleaning your room and organizing yourself and your workspace for the last part of the year. No matter what you’re doing, it’s always something you can learn or gain something from.
Mostly D – Relaxing Spring Break
It’s called break for a reason, right? You don’t really care when spring break is or what you do over it, you just want it to be a time for you to sit back and relax. You’ll probably spend a lot of time catching up on sleep and just staying home and chilling. You take your spring break time as a time to rejuvenate and focus on your mental health and try not to worry too much about anything else. It’s your break, so you want to make sure you focus and what’s best and healthiest for you.