In Case You Missed It: NFL Playoffs Kickoff

Daniel Figueredo, Sports Editor

With Wild Card Weekend behind us already, the NFL playoffs have officially kicked off, and many memorable moments have already emerged. Take this quiz to review some of the highlights and lowlights of the 2022-23 Wild Card Round.

1- Which of these starting quarterbacks was a “Mr. Irrelevant” (Last pick in the draft)?
a. Geno Smith
b. Trevor Lawrence
c. Tom Brady
d. Brock Purdy

2- Which of these teams has never made a Super Bowl appearance?

a. Cincinnati Bengals
b. San Francisco 49ers
c. Jacksonville Jaguars
d. Buffalo Bills

3- What record did Cowboys kicker Brett Maher set?

a. Longest field goal in NFL history
b. Most tackles by a kicker in one game
c. Most missed extra points in one game
d. Largest rushing total for a kicker

4- Which one of the following quarterbacks became the first in NFL history to throw 300 yards and two touchdowns while rushing more than 75 yards in a postseason game?

a. Daniel Jones
b. Kirk Cousins
c. Tyler Huntley
d. Joe Burrow

5- How many points were the Jacksonville Jaguars behind before making their historic comeback?

a. 33
b. 27
c. 25
d. 43

6- Who was the Wild Card Weekend rushing leader?

a. Daniel Jones
b. Travis Etienne Jr.
c. Joe Mixon
d. Christian McCaffery

7- Which division has three teams currently in the playoffs?

a. NFC West
b. NFC East
c. AFC North
d. AFC West

8- Which of these teams has made it to the Conference Championship in each of the last four years?

a. Buffalo Bills
b. New York Giants
c. San Francisco 49ers
d. Kansas City Chiefs

9- Who were the only home teams to lose their Wild Card game?

a. Minnesota Vikings & Tampa Bay Buccaneers
b.Jacksonville Jaguars & Cincinnati Bengals
c.Buffalo Bills & San Francisco 49ers
d.No home teams lost

10- What team has the most Pro-Bowlers?

a. Philadelphia Eagles
b. Baltimore Ravens
c. Seattle Seahawks
d. Kansas City Chiefs

BONUS- Which of these Hall of Fame quarterbacks has never won a SuperBowl?
a.Peyton Manning
b.Warren Moon
c.Dan Marino
d.John Elway

1. d
2. c
3. c
4. a
5. b
6. d
7. b
8. d
9. a
10. a