Fun Fall Activities Quiz



If you’re wondering what fall activity best suits you, this quiz is for you!

Ella Ashby, Features Writer

1. What is your favorite way to decorate a pumpkin?

a. Carving it into a scary monster
b. Making it a cute critter
c. Painting designs on it
d. Giving it a funny face

2. What do you enjoy doing most after school?
a. Going outside
b. Reading a good book
c. Hanging out with your friends
d. Online shopping

3. Which of these would be your ideal fall-themed outing?
a. Going to a spooky attraction
b. Going on a nature walk
c. Going to a coffee shop for a pumpkin-spiced latte
d. Going shopping for fall clothes

4. Which of these Halloween monsters is your favorite?
a. Zombie
b. Werewolf
c. Vampire
d. Ghost

5. Which of these drinks would you choose?
a. Hot chocolate
b. Apple cider
c. A pumpkin-spice latte
d. Water

6. Which of these are you most looking forward to in the fall?
a.Getting scared on Halloween
b. Enjoying the fall weather
c. Reading new literature
d. Spending time with friends and family

7. What kind of movies do you enjoy?
a. Thriller movies
b. Fun fantasy movies
c. Knee-slapping comedies
d. Mystery movies

(Mostly As) Take a ghost tour with Carolina History & Haunts
You seem to enjoy the spooky aspect of the fall season. What would be better than a ghost tour? Carolina History & Haunts in Winston Salem is offering their West Endings tour, a tour exploring Winston’s West End district. You will hear some ghost stories, and learn of the district’s superstitious customs. Tours are 90 minutes long, and they operate all year.

(Mostly Bs) Go on a nature walk at Tanglewood Park
You really enjoy nature! Tanglewood Park is one of the best places to go see the change in seasons. They offer many trails to walk or bike down and is the largest park in Forsyth County. In the fall, the trees show off their best fall colors, and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

(Mostly Cs) Visit Crooked Tail Cat Cafe in Winston-Salem
You most likely enjoy cozying up with a hot drink and an animal friend! Crooked Tail Cat Cafe in downtown Winston-Salem is pretty much the cutest place to exist. They offer great drinks, snacks, and of course, cats! Crooked Tail is partnered with an animal rescue group, and by spending time at the cafe they get to show off their personalities. All of the cats at Crooked Tail are up for adoption, so you may find the purr-fect companion!

(Mostly Ds) Visit the Winston Junction Halloween Market
You probably like attending fun community events with your friends or family! The Winston Junction Halloween Market occurs on Oct. 16 and Oct. 30 2021 from 11:00 AM-4:00 PM in Winston-Salem and features local artisans, food trucks, artists, and live music. This would be the perfect fall activity for you and your family, they even have activities for children while browsing the market.