Should the “P” in “PDA” Stand for Public or private? In Defense of PDA


Ava Angle, Opinion Writer

Hand holding, hugging and kissing: all ways to show how much you love someone through physical affection. It may be sweet and lighthearted to you but not to everyone. Most people don’t want to see you grabbing each other and making out in the breezeway, so let’s create a common ground.
From one perspective, people being overly affectionate isn’t something most people want to witness at school. Some couples hold hands and walk slowly in the hallway making you late for class. Others act as if they are in private. We’ve all seen PDA as “gross” at least once, whether it was the fear of cooties, saying “eww!” during a movie with friends, or just seeing couples in public. Although it isn’t preferable to see and can be an inconvenience, it isn’t fair to the couple either. Having eyes on you is intimidating and can make you feel vulnerable and more susceptible to judgment. Also, some couples can only spend time together at school. Not everyone has transportation or lenient parents. School is the best option if they want physical intimacy in their relationship.
Touch is a way of reciprocating love to someone and it’s a pleasant thing when wanted. Physical touch is very personal and it can really connect you to someone else. Feeling the warmth of someone you love can make your day 10 times better. Although seeing your partner is nice, being able to show them that you love them is reassuring. Being held in someone’s arms after having a rough day can make things better. Subtle gestures like linking arms and sitting close is an easy alternative way to show affection in public without drawing attention.
If people minded their own business and didn’t stare or judge couples when they interacted wholesomely, there wouldn’t be an issue. As long as the couple isn’t being indecent in public, then PDA should be accepted because it is a normal part of life. Couples should be mindful of where they are and base how they act around that. Showing your love for someone shouldn’t be frowned upon, and strangers don’t have room to judge