How to Lose a Titan in 10 Days


Kaylee Styers

West Forsyth student gives another student an ick.

Kaylee Styers, Features Writer

In the movie, “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days,” magazine writer, Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) comes up with an idea for an article after seeing her friend upset from her breakup after she seemingly did nothing wrong. Andie decides to date a guy for ten days and purposefully does simple things to make a man not want to continue to date them. The movie came out 20 years ago, but it still is making trends. In the movie, Andie cringely sings “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon and puts his name in the song, singing, “‘And all the girls dreamed that they’d be Ben’s partner, they’d be Ben’s partner.’” This sound has been trending on TikTok, and users have been sharing their own way that they would lose a partner in 10 days. Since the movie is set in 2003, it could make you wonder what this concept would look like today since the way of dating has changed, especially in high school. You may be scared to do or say anything for fear of giving someone an “ick” which is something that can be a “cringy” action or annoying thing to tick someone off. So what’s the new equivalent to asking someone to get a soda in the middle of a tense basketball game? What would make West students want to end a relationship?
“When their cologne smells really bad. Like when it’s expensive but it smells bad,” sophomore Megan Roy said.
“The worst thing a guy can do is have really bad hygiene, like if he constantly smells like a bag of wet feet. For example, if my boyfriend has stuff on his teeth I’ll literally go in there with my nail and scrape it off because it’s so gross, and also, if he listens to Andrew Tate, that’s such a red flag,” senior Jade Brewer said.
“Texting another guy,” senior Kennison Moore said.
“Acting differently around other people, like, around their friends. They need to be the same around them as they are around everyone else,” sophomore Campbell McClain said.
“If he were to dance on a table, then fall on his face, instantly done,” sophomore Kayden Hathaway said.
“Leaving me on open for more than five minutes,” junior Haley Eisenbraun said.
“If he pretends to like me one day and then I see him in gym class and he is not speaking to me. You just texted me yesterday ‘Where you at?’”sophomore Q’daijah O’Neal said.
“When people think I should put them above my sports practice,” said junior Chloe Hoover.
Although your first high school relationship may seem like “the one,” there are always those little things that tick you off at the end of the day.