Snap Twice or You’ll Miss It: Netflix’s “Wednesday” makes its way into records and hearts


Wednesday Netflix Series Official Poster

Ashley Reyes-Turcios, Opinion Writer

Spoiler Alert!
If you combine factors of excitement, joy, suspense, and tears, you have created Netflix’s “Wednesday.” Making the top 10 on Netflix, the show ‘Wednesday’ is a modern take on the classic “Addams Family.” In its first week, “Wednesday” jumped to #1 on Netflix’s Top 10 list, breaking “Stranger Things” record for most hours watched in a week as an English TV show.
“Wednesday” focuses on a 16-year-old teenager named Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) who possesses psychic powers. After almost murdering another student at her high school, Wednesday was sent to Nevermore Academy, a school her parents once attended. While at Nevermore, Wednesday uncovers the dark secrets of her family’s past and the mystery behind the suspicious murders at the school with the help of “Thing,” a sentient hand and family friend sent to watch over her along with her roommate, Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers).
Wednesday Addams is far from being a normal teenage girl. She only wears only black and white, hardly blinks, and barely shows any emotion at all. Enid, Wednesday’s roommate, could not be more different, she likes vivid colors, she has a bubbly, vibrant personality and she becomes someone special in the show, demonstrating the importance of friendship.
The cast of “Wednesday” was overall the most captivating part of the show. Ortega recalled that during the first couple weeks of shooting she did a take where she accidentally did not blink, and director Tim Burton liked it so much that he asked her to not blink for the rest of the show to add more personality to her character.
One of the main characters in the show is created almost entirely by special effects. “Thing” is the Addams Family’s hand that has been separated from its body. When it came to communication between Thing and the rest of the cast, during scenes, 50 percent was sign language and 50 percent was pure improvisation. Many fans are shocked by how good Thing is at showing emotion throughout the show.
One of the many upsetting plot twists in the show is between Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Wednesday. Tyler is a “normie” (regular person) and the sheriff’s son, while Wednesday is an outcast. They form a connection with each other from the very beginning due to Tyler’s willingness to help Wednesday escape from Nevermore. However, Wednesday didn’t catch just Tyler’s eye, but also Xavier’s (Percy Hynes White). Xavier was the quiet, mysterious outcast that would risk his life to protect Wednesday as shown in the last episode.Yet it was the chemistry between Wednesday and Tyler that had many fans seeing the two being together by the end of the show, especially considering they had kissed. Wednesday had a past vision after kissing Tyler and realized that the monster was him all along. Which left fans shocked and on edge, many still can’t believe they didn’t end up together, myself included.
After watching the show, you start to think of details that you missed that could have led to you knowing who the monster was. Throughout the show, you see the Hyde (monster) more and more. One of the known characteristics about the monster is its big eyes and, looking back on the show, you start to see the similarities between the Hyde and Tyler in their eyes.
“Wednesday” has been one of the best Netflix originals, an intriguing mystery being solved while keeping you on the edge of your seat, not only asking who dunnit but also who will end up together.