Out With The Old In With The New: Better Horror Movies To Watch

Ashley Reyes-Turcios, Opinion Writer

Whether you dress up and trick-or-treat for Halloween or not, there is nothing better than watching a scary movie to get you in the mood for the spooky season. You might go for a classic, but maybe it’s time to try a new release. Here are some movies that are overrated that are ready for replacement.

“The Conjuring” is a good movie, but it’s getting outdated, and watching it every year gets old, so it is time to try another movie that is also based on a true story. The franchise has a total of three films, all of which feel the same because of their similar plot lines. Each movie has the same format: creepy events happen, they try to figure it out, and events get worse as the film goes on till it finally ends at the very last second. The movie that should replace “The Conjuring” before it goes downhill is “Veronica” which is also based on a true story but includes more detail. It is about a teen girl who gets involved with black magic, bringing it to her house and causing destruction all around her.

“Hush,” overall is pretty dull as it has no suspense or tension that builds. It is about an obsessive man trying to scare his ex-girlfriend by chasing her around the house. The catch is that she is unable to hear him because she is deaf. The movie doesn’t even make sense to begin with because it gives no background information as to why he is chasing her around, it also has a lot of big plot holes. Instead, try watching “A Quiet Place”. Although other people may disagree, it has more action than just a guy running around. “A Quiet Place” has emotional scenes with scares that creates more anxiety to see what will happen next. Although the movie is not as scary, it still keeps you on edge. The emotion that was put into the movie by the actor was just incredible in both the first and second films.

The thought of a horror movie is supposed to make you shiver with goosebumps or hide under your blanket every couple of minutes. Some movies should be replaced because of how repetitive they have become, taking fame from other movies. Take these suggestions and you are guaranteed to be spooked this Halloween.