“Titans at the Next Level” plaque finally hung up


Janie Peterson, Sports Editor

While pumping iron, football players can now literally look up to their Titan predecessors and role models thanks to the newest addition to campus, a giant plaque covering the wall of the weightroom. The “Titans at the Next Level” board serves to commemorate the success of the football program over the years. The board had been a work-in-progress since before COVID, but is now complete.
Coaches had to do their research in order to compile a list of names.
“I had all the guys I had the last 14-15 years, so I knew those. But then the school’s been here since the 60s, so we had to try and go all the way back. One of the first names I got is a guy named Mike Culbreth in 1966 who went to Davidson. We go all the way down to the crew we got now,” head football coach Adrian Snow said.
Athletes must play at least one year of collegiate football before their names are hung up. Senior Don Robinson, who is looking forward to playing football at Western Carolina University this upcoming fall, is excited by the prospect of having his name featured on the board.
“It gives me a feeling of great aspiration in my near future. The board exemplifies the success of West Forsyth’s players who strive for excellence and greater heights in college and possibly professionally,” Robinson said.
Snow believes it is important to recognize Titan football successes of the past and present as well.
“It’s tough to know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. It’s one of those things where the history of this school and the history of football here preceded me and a whole lot more people. I think it’s a good thing and a good way to honor those guys,” Snow said.
As of now, the board includes 179 names, and plans on adding many more in the future.