Michael Moore’s “Mike’s Mic Podcast”


Michael Moore, the host of Mike’s Mic Podcast.

Madelyn Woodard, Features Writer

Junior Michael Moore has been writing, hosting and producing his very own podcast since late September of last year. Since then, “Mike’s Mic Podcast” has taken off with an average of over 300 views per video, even featuring Principal Kevin Spainhour as a guest in the Christmas special.
“I just want to spread positivity,” Moore said.
His goal is to give people something to watch that will make them feel good about themselves, an increasingly rare find today.
Spainhour is not the only special guest to be featured; many members of the varsity football team have made appearances on the show as well as local rapper Cube Link Von (senior Jevante “Tay” Long).
“My favorite part of creating [the podcast] is interviewing special guests… I like to hear what they like and what interests they have,” Moore said.
Someone who Moore would want to see on his podcast is the running back for the Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffrey.
¨It’s inspiring to see someone so young do this,¨ junior Ethan Krebs said.
Recently Moore designed and printed a shirt with the podcast’s logo on it, but at this time he does not plan on releasing merchandise for the show. If he ever does, it will be very limited, likely only 11 products being sold as 11 is his lucky number.
His favorite episodes are “Back and Better” which premiered Nov. 11, 2021, and his most recent episode, “Mike Can Rap?” from Jan. 28. In his latest episode he works with Jaeden Allen to create a rap about the show.
Overall, the podcast creates a very unique form of entertainment with visual elements, fascinating conversation, different segments, recent events and even short skits.
¨Really amazing and talented,¨ said senior, Jaylah Gray.
Moore is an excellent example of what it means to be a Titan, creating something new and working hard to uplift others. You can find a link to Mike’s Mic Podcast in his Instagram bio @itsmike.11 or on his Youtube channel, “Mike’s Mic Podcast”.