Stitching up loose seams: Patti Snyder starts her career at West


Ben Radspinner

Patti Snyder jumping right into teaching her apparel class.

Ella Ashby, Features Writer

With the return to school, students enjoy learning things about their teachers, especially if they’re new. If you’re taking apparel and textiles production, it could be Patti Snyder, who just began teaching this school year. She lived in Forsyth County until the eighth grade, before moving to Stokes County. She graduated from a small private college in High Point, South University.
“I graduated college in 2017 and went and worked for Stokes County Extension Office… I worked there for about 2.5 years before moving into a position with Stokes County School Nutrition. The job with Stokes County wasn’t for me, I missed interactions and educating, so I began searching for my way back to do just that,” Snyder said. She teaches apparel and textiles production, but she didn’t always know she would be a teacher,
“I never considered teaching. When I worked for the Extension Services, I had to do a lot of educating, and that is where I began to have an interest in teaching,” Snyder said.
Throughout her career, she hopes to see students blossom in her class through learning new things about apparel,
“If they like apparel, or if they find out they really don’t, or if they find out that they’re really good at using a sewing machine, or some kind of fashion. Just watching them kind of grow,” Snyder said.
The first week of school can be difficult for everyone, including teachers. Snyder struggled with her email and other technical issues, making the first week of teaching difficult, but was met with support from other teachers at West.
“Especially with my first year of teaching, I’ve needed a lot of support, and I’ve gotten nothing but a lot of support,” Snyder commented.
Snyder is happy to be a part of the West family and join the community.
“This is the school I want to be at… It’s a big community for teachers, and it’s definitely the West family.”
Snyder explains she feels really welcomed by the school community in her first week.
“…This is such a great school, the staff loves it here, the staff loves the students, the staff loves each other, it’s been a very positive transition for me,” Snyder said.
Outside of school, Snyder works at a sports performance gym in King,
“I coach anyone from athletes to standard fitness clients. I’m also a weightlifter and enjoy throwing weight over my head after a long day of teaching.” Snyder’s classroom is an inviting place to learn, and she works hard to engage her students.
“She is really good at engaging us in different activities and making us feel involved.” junior Abby Eggeman said. Snyder hopes to be a leader and a mentor to her students.