Book it to the library and meet the new media coordinator


Madelyn Woodard, Features Writer

Big changes are coming to the library as new media coordinator, Travis Robbins, prepares for the new year. Through the mess of Chromebooks and empty boxes, you can see the work that has already been done in the library. More improvements will come as soon as Robbins wraps up handing out Chromebooks to students.
“It is a work in progress, it needed some attention and some love,” Robbins said.
New furniture, flooring and a 3D printer will be installed, but most importantly, new books on the shelves. Robbins also plans to purchase several drones that can be programmed to fly safely in the library as well as GoPros.

Robbins is very excited about all of the new additions to the library but most of all “the graphic novels and graphic literature… it’s what the students want,” Robbins said. On top of that, he also wants to install several aquariums to make the library more inviting.
Robbins has more than proven his dedication to his students over his 18 years of teaching at West. Before joining the library team he worked in the social studies department teaching AP Psychology, World Geography and International Relations. Robbins has certainly had a busy start to his year with the distribution of nearly 2,000 Chromebooks to the students.

West chose to distribute the Chromebooks through homerooms while other schools went about it differently.
“All the other ones [schools] I’ve talked to, they didn’t do it that way… they did long lines, and students would come up one at a time and get it [Chromebooks] ”. The goal in mind was to get as many Chromebooks out in the first few days as possible especially without taking time out of students’ classes.

These plans for the one-on-one Chromebook program as well as updating the library have been in the works for quite some time now, but grants for COVID relief have sped up the process.
Robbins hopes to complete the renovation of the library within the next couple of years.
“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” Robbins said.

Anyone still having trouble with their NCEDCloud account or their Chromebooks should swing by the media center for help. While you’re there, check out the new decor- Robbins would love to see you.