Got their heads in the game: Girls Basketball


Walt Unks

Shakira Baskerville lines up her shot in the Titans game against East Forsyth on Jan. 19

Ella Menzi, Sports Editor

This year has been anything but normal, and athletes are the least immune. As coaches and teammates gear up to prepare for the next season of their sport, a mask has been added to their uniform. With so many changes and regulations, it’s hard to even try and make a practice seemingly normal. The perseverance and goal-focused minds of these student-athletes could not be any stronger as they push to win each point, each game.
“I thought the girls progressed very well early in the season and they really seem to enjoy being around each other which made playing hard and winning even more exciting,” coach Johnny Hill said.
The girl’s basketball team showed these characteristics more than ever during this complicated season, going as far as being #1 in their conference and ranking #26 in the state 4A Division.
“We tried our hardest to stay safe and actually went the whole season without anyone getting COVID! We played with as much energy as every year, the only thing that changed was that we had to wear a mask,” junior Caroline Johnson said.
In the seasons past, as well as this year, these tight-knit teammates work better together as they are connected not only in the game but through friendship.
“[We’re] very close. We’ve been playing together for a while so it’s always been easy for us to have a connection,” senior Alana Gary said.
COVID-19 precautions weren’t the only adjustment these girls had to make this time around, before the initiation of the season, coach Cox announced that she would be on maternity leave for the season. Coach Johnny Hill then became the head coach to lead the team.
“Coach Hill stepped up as head coach this year and he was there for us this whole season,” Johnson said.
Not only did these Titans beat the odds of COVID-19, but they managed to play their absolute best and come out number one in the Central Piedmont 4A conference, highlighting the moment they took down East Forsyth leading 46-36.
“The best moment in our season was when we beat East and messed up their perfect record. No one expected us to beat them, so when we did it, kind of gave us the respect we deserved,” Gary said.
All in all these ladies showed up this season to defy the odds against the pandemic and their conference rivals.
“My favorite part of the season was going out there with my team, whether it was practice or a game, and seeing my teammates passion for the game and going out there and playing our hearts out,” junior Brianna Shillito said.
No matter the challenge, this team fights to win with friendship and passion on their side.
“ I felt as if this team overcame a lot of adversity and played with a little bit of a chip on their shoulders! Considering that we were not thought of to be the top team in the conference, I believe that winning a share of the regular season conference title was an outstanding accomplishment,” coach Hill said.