2020 NFL Season: Precautions against COVID-19



Pictured here is the Kinexton device that NFL players must wear during their practices. This device helps to maintain social distancing guidelines.

Ella Menzi, Sports Editor

Too close…America’s favorite game is now saved by creating guidelines and implementing new social distancing technologies to keep players safe in the locker rooms and out on the field.
After the beginning of their 2019-2020 season practices were cut short, the NFL is back up and running. Players are attending practices with high hopes of a good record this season.
The league has created new guidelines for every player with the consequence of a fine up to $50,000. While this may seem like pocket money for the sports stars, the league hopes it will still eliminate the possible risk of players contracting the virus and prevent them from attending high-risk events. The players also have requirements to be tested weekly, wearing a mask whenever outside of practice, and keep a new device called Kinexton Proximity Recording Device around their neck at practice, wearing it as a lanyard.
This new technology the size of an airpod is used to enforce social distancing on the field.
“The device warns players when they are too close to others and serves as a tool for contact tracing,” according to CNBC. Refusal to wear the device results in a penalty of a $14,350 fine.
Not only do the players have to follow the posted rules to protect themselves from coronavirus, but they must also stay away from “high-risk activities,” such as going to bars with more than 10 people and having house parties with more than 10 people. On top of that, they must maintain social distancing while in public places that have less than the given amount of people.
While many believe that these precautions will do nothing in the long run, the very least it will do is help prevent a COVID-19 outbreak on fan favorite teams. As scientists are trying to upgrade testing to daily instead of weekly to provide constant accuracy about the players’ health, the chances of having Superbowl LV move closer to the endzone.