Don’t be selfish: The ridiculous stocking up during COVID-19



A store has nothing in stock as it’s shelves has been ravaged by customers looking to stock up on supplies.

Parker Ramey, Opinion Writer

COVID-19: a pandemic that has made many people act like we’re in an apocalypse. Toilet paper, milk and bread have all sold out in stores, with some people buying the normal amount, others buying an overload. Ultimately, when people buy out the whole store, it’s selfish and inconsiderate.

When people are scared, they do everything they can to ease their worries. One thing people are doing during COVID-19 is stocking up for months in case quarantine lasts longer than initially expected. The bad part about this is people are buying more than they realistically need, which limits what other people can buy. I understand that everyone needs toilet paper, but not everyone needs five packages of it. Buying that much is just inconsiderate of other people. Other crucial items such as diapers and formula for babies are unavailable because parents are stocking up, which causes other babies to go without. The federal assistance program called Women, Infants and Children (WIC) provides essential food and products for pregnant women and children. WIC provides specific brands of products such as formula and diapers.

Since people are buying everything in bulk, they aren’t leaving the specific brand products for people who cannot afford things without WIC. There are also other people who can only afford specific brands of food, but now that everyone is buying out everything in the stores, they are forced to buy things they cannot afford. During this time there have been no claims that no one will be able to go to the grocery stores during this pandemic. If everyone were to buy their normal amount of food and other products there would be no shortage of them in America.

Often people tend to only think of themselves and their families during hard times, which is understandable. However, it’s also important to think of others and how you’re affecting them. When going to the store, maybe instead of buying three packages of chicken, buy two and leave some for the next family. There are people in this world who live paycheck to paycheck who have no room to spend extra money, and it is no secret that money has been tough with COVID-19 closing jobs. Buying in bulk can get very expensive, especially when it comes to food and essentials, so when you go grocery shopping during this time, think about others.