Dear Class of 2023: We know you’re not all eboys and VSCO girls


Lexy Hairston

The trademarks of a VSCO girl. Don’t worry, we know almost no freshman is completely like this.

Lillian Reid, Features Writer

Class of 2023, I know you guys have gotten the short end of the stick for the past year or so. You have constantly been dragged through the mud. It’s all a joke, and it isn’t personal or realistic. I want to tell all of you that not every upperclassman hates you. It is unlikely that you will get picked on because of your class. It isn’t your fault that you were born when you were. No one will tease you for that; maybe just don’t say “sksksksks.” Besides, you’ll be sophomores next year, and then you won’t be the new ones on campus.

Freshman year is supposed to be enjoyable. You’re getting acquainted with new peers, finding your place in the school community and learning to cope with your new environment. Talk with people you sit next to in your classes, and build up some new friendships. Something that can be helpful, not only for friendships and making new connections but for your college resume as well, is joining clubs. It will help you to get better acquainted with your classmates, as well as allow you to find your niche at school. Enjoy freshman year while it lasts.

As for your schoolwork, as long as you stay on top of it, you’ll be completely fine. If you get confused, ask your teacher if you can see them before or after school for tutoring. Sometimes homework can seem excessive, but as long as you do it within an appropriate time span, and don’t procrastinate, it is rare that your work will pile up. At the end of a semester, you may be given excess work, but if it’s that taxing, you can do some work in your free time in some of your other classes. It can save you a lot of time. A big part of high school is learning about your time management. As soon as you’ve found a few new friends and figure out what schedule will work best for you, high school becomes much more likable and enjoyable. 

Don’t worry about what others think of you. Just try to make some friends, and enjoy your time here. As long as you can figure out a good schedule for you, you’re all set.