Athlete of the Month: Chloe Christensen


Ben Radspinner

Chloe Christensen steals the ball. Her performance proved why she deserved to be athlete of the month.

Dalton Smith, Sports Writer

West has always had pride in its sports teams, but sometimes one athlete stands out from the rest. Junior Chloe Christensen is one of those athletes, representing the field hockey team this month.

“Chloe is still learning the game, has only played for two years but is very aggressive and has a killer instinct that is natural and can’t be coached,” Coach Mike Bryant said. 


Dalton Smith
Chloe Christensen

Christensen has been playing field hockey since sophomore year and is a relatively new player on the team. However, as Bryant said, she is full of natural talent. This has led to her success in other sports as well.

“I also play lacrosse and I played basketball last year,” Christensen said showing off some more of her talents on the field. However, it seems that field hockey is her calling.

“My favorite part of my team is how encouraging we are to each other and how we all get along so well,” Christensen said.

“When I am not playing field hockey, I enjoy hanging out with my friends,” Christensen said.  Christensen is not only a great athlete on the field but a proud example of a student both on and off the field with her amazing natural talent and love for others.

Favorite food: Mac and cheese 

Pregame song: Anything TikTok 

Celebrity crush: Eliza Broce

Dream vacation: Going to Hawaii and making cool TikToks