Athlete of the Month: Alejandro Morillon

Dylan Williamson, Sports Writer

“La Pierna,” “The Leg,” whatever you want to call him, one things for sure: Alejandro Morillon can kick. Morillon’s boot stems from his background in soccer, but after playing since he was 7 years old, his free time is now spent hitting 50 yard field goals with ease for green and gold on Friday nights.
When Morillon’s love for soccer faded, he decided to give football a try.
“I had just gotten tired of soccer and wanted to try something new,” Morillon said.
After the coaches saw him kick, they convinced him to join the football team. Head coach Adrian Snow asked coach Chuck Lott to work with him.
“He’s made a great transition from kicking a round ball to an oval ball. He brings strength and agility to the table and he is a hard worker,” Lott said.
Additionally, science teachers, Brent Marrata and Jackie Showers also served as inspiration for Morillon. They believed in him and kept telling him that if he came to practice everyday and worked his absolute best, the sky was his limit.
Similarities between soccer and football have allowed Morillon to become a good kicker. On the soccer team, Morillon played center back, a defensive position. His main job was to clear the ball from opposing attackers, kicking the ball as far as possible towards the strikers (the players standing on the far end of the field who typically score the most goals) to allow them to score.
“That helped me with football because in both of the positions I play, we try to kick the ball as far as possible. That really helped me with kicking,” Morillon said.
Morillon’s favorite part about football is showing everyone what he can do.
“I love having everybody watching me progress and taking my skills to the next level,” he said.
As a junior, his crucial recruitment time is now. Morillon is aiming for a scholarship to play for a D-1 college, such as University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Georgia, or University of Alabama. But more importantly, he wishes to make his family and other people, such as his fellow coaches and teammates proud of him.
“Morillon is a very nonchalant player, but don’t get it twisted, at the end of the day he’s a very
good player,” senior teammate Micah Hairston said.

Fun Facts
Favorite Athlete: Sergio Ramos
Favorite Movie Series: The Fast and the Furious
Favorite Music Genre: Rap
Favorite Food: Pizza
Hobbies: Playing soccer with friends