Athlete of the Month: Campbell McClain


Chris Van Kleeck, Sports Writer

Greatness has been the standard for the women’s basketball team. Over the last six years the girls have accumulated a total record of 100-24, including a ’19 state championship. With senior center Caroline Johnson being the last active member of the ‘19 championship team, the Titans needed an infusion of youth. With freshman forward Campbell McClain, that is exactly what they got.
“From day one Campbell has been such a positive and uplifting teammate, she has already gained so much experience that will help other girls prepare and grow as players over the next three years,” senior center Caroline Johnson said.
McClain is an athlete; standing at 5’10 she runs the floor well, works the paint, has a good jumper and plays physical defense. She also excels on the volleyball court, even though this year was her first time playing.
“I don’t even remember how old I was when I first picked up a basketball, all my life I have just remembered playing (basketball). I had never even touched a volleyball this year but I was encouraged to try out and I loved it,” McClain said.
Basketball runs in McClain’s family, as her brother also plays basketball.
“My brother has influenced me the most with basketball. He’s short so he plays shooting guard, but watching him still have heart and drive for basketball really helped me in sports. I also want to be better than him at everything so it makes it competitive and fun,” McClain said.
Although McClain is only a freshman, she not only starts, but is a main contributor to the team on both sides of the floor. Her role would get even bigger when senior center Caroline Johnson broke her foot and would be benched for the rest of the season; a role however that McClain would not back down from.
“Caroline has been such a big part of the team since her freshman year. I tell her all the time I remember coming to games and watching her because I wanted to be her. So obviously I was looking forward to playing with her, but me and all the other bigs knew we were gonna have to step up. I wouldn’t say I ever felt pressured, it just pushed me to work harder,” McClain said.
Off the court, McClain is super involved in church youth. She does Young Life and enjoys going on camps, retreats and mission trips.
“My favorite place to be is Church, it feels like home to me,” McClain said.
Although McClain is young and still has three more years wearing the green and gold, her future is undoubtedly bright.
“I want to play college basketball, anywhere that’s a good college but my dream school is probably Liberty [University]. I’m just going wherever God takes me, he has a plan so I’m trusting him!”

Pregame Meal: Chick-Fil-A
Pregame song: My Life – J. Cole
Favorite basketball player: Mikey or Bronny
Celebrity Crush: Kelly Oubre
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Malacane