More than Just a Post: Take activism further


Lexy Hairston

Common “activism” posts as seen on Instagram. These kinds of posts do not inspire change.

Mia Scott, Opinion Writer

The burning Amazon Rainforest, the Sudan massacre and the burning of Notre Dame have all gained much coverage from social media, but attention isn’t everything, especially when it comes to the pertinent global issues of today. There is so much more we can do than just raise awareness, but people tend to forget what exactly can be done. Don’t get me wrong, raising awareness is an essential step in fixing the problem, but that’s exactly what it is: a step. People tend to stop at step one and forget everything else.

Every time a tragedy arises, I tap through Instagram stories and see countless reposts of the same few images giving information about the catastrophe. Image after image I notice that nothing is truly being done through this. Besides a few facts on the subject, there is no link to a petition, no number to a senator or reliable charity to donate to. At the very least, if you care about any of the problems going on in our world today, send a group message to your friends to sign a petition. Even putting a YouTube link in your bio can help educate those who click on it. With a recent Instagram update, you can now ask your followers to donate to a charity. Despite all these options, no true activism is being exercised.

To help those in need, we must take action, and action is more than a post. If I’m being honest, I’ve had my fair share of posts. Since then I’ve realized that so much more can be done. To show we truly care about the tragic situations happening right now, we each have to come together and make a difference. 

Using a reusable straw or posting about it online is step one. Take that a step further and donate to companies trying to defund corporations corrupting our environment. Petition for your governor to ban single use plastic utensils, bags, bottles and more. You can raise your peers’ awareness by showing them a short video or article. 

Some reliable charities to donate to in our world today include the Amazon Conservation Association (ACA), which prevents fires and implements sustainable forestry practices, according to iACT, a charity that gives to those affected by mass atrocities, helps traumatized people live healthful and fulfilling lives. Oceana is the largest organization committed solely to cleaning and protecting our oceans. If you want to help high school students afford the steep costs of college, consider donating to Scholarship America. LGBTQ+ teens in need can get help through the Trevor Project, among many other organizations.

We live in a world consumed by the internet, phones and social media, so let’s take the pros of what our society uses the most and change the world for the better. Call the state office, post that link, sign that petition and donate to that cause.