Athlete Of The Month: Trae Archie


Maddy Brandon

Senior Trae Archie is pictured above.

Alexys Hairston, Sports Writer

Stepping onto the football field every Friday night is an experience of a lifetime. For senior Trae Archie, this dream has turned into his reality.

Trae Archie, a wide receiver, has been on the football team for the past four years and has been on varsity for two years. According to Archie, he had some challenges, but he continued to work to receive what he eventually got.

“My first three years were really hard. I didn’t get much playing time, and sometimes it makes you a little disappointed, but my dad would always say, “Keep working hard, son,” Archie said.

Archie was set up since he was little to become the person he is. As a child Archie was heavily influenced by his father to play football. He always pushed him to do his best and continue to play no matter what.

“My dad is my role model. He taught me everything I know about football, but most of all, he taught me to believe in myself,” Archie said.

Along with not getting much playing time, Archie was ridiculed for his size difference in comparison to the other players. Archie is 5’9 and compared to other players is considered “short”. Despite what others thought of him, he continued to push himself to be the best he could be.

“They thought I was too short to play in high school, but that just made me work harder. The height difference doesn’t affect me; I believe it’s about the player’s heart, not the height and weight,” Archie said.

With a will to win and the drive to continue on to play football in college, Archie has dedicated his high school career to football.

“Football requires a commitment of many hours and practice. You have to balance school work and hanging out with friends,” Archie said.

When playing a sport, the ultimate goal is to always grow and get better at what you’re doing. Archie has proved this to all over the past four years on the West football team.

“Trae has worked to get better from the start. Trae is extremely explosive and continues to work to be a better football player. He works in and outside of practice to become better at what he does,” varsity football coach Adrian Snow said.

With his family by his side cheering him on in the stands every Friday night, Archie continues to persevere despite the not so great start to the season.

“I always remember the people that told me I couldn’t do it, and I go out there every Friday night and prove them wrong,” Archie said.

Archie is determined to continue to win games and help his team make it to playoffs. His dreams for the future are to move on to play football in college, have people remember his name and continue on his legacy as a Titan.

“Those boys are like my brothers, my second family,” Archie said.

Here are some fun facts about Archie:

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Professional Athlete: Tyreek Hill

Favorite Game: Fortnite

Embarrassing Childhood Memory: I was dancing in front of my family on Christmas Eve, and I slipped and fell; it was all caught on video. 

Personal Goal(s): Attend a four year college, get a degree in Information Technology and continue to play football