Teachers Say What: What are your plans for summer break?


AJ Summers

Major Richard Sugg discussing his summer plans with a student.

AJ Summers, Features Writer

With the school year almost over and the season of sun upon us, students are excited to start their vacations. However, summer break is for our teachers as well. So what are they up to during their vacation time?
“I work at a Boy Scout camp. I’m the aquatics director so I run all the canoeing, kayaking, sailing and swimming. In August, I am going to Florida for my brother’s wedding,” math teacher Carleigh Scott said.
“I am going to spend time with my family and go home to Mississippi and to sit on my mama’s porch and relax,” theatre teacher Renae Hubbard said.
“I have to work but I hope to take a trip to South America. I am going to Buenos Aires, Argentina,” English teacher Daniel Naber said.
“I might go to Niagara Falls, definitely gonna go to a couple of baseball games up in Minnesota. I will probably also go to Wrigley Field again. That’s a great, iconic slice of Americana,” science teacher Karl Koeval said.
“I am going to see my family in Georgia for a week and taking my grandma down there. Then, I am going to Ohio for Dance Nationals, so that will be work and fun,” dance teacher Lori Crump said.
“My plans for the summer are to go to the beach as much as possible, to work in our garden, to get a tan, relax, do my Bible study in the morning, and also enjoy time with Stella June before she goes to kindergarten,” math teacher Daphne Robertson said.
“I sit here and wait for you guys to come back, patiently,” English teacher Andrew Serang said.
“I’m getting a masters degree in Educational Administration,” math teacher Brandon Johnson said.
“I am taking 14 cadets to Washington D.C, where they are the finalists in the JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB). For my vacation, I am going to Grandfather Mountain for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. Then, I am going to go backpacking for a week with my son and maybe drive up to Maine,” JROTC instructor Robert Stewart said.
“I want to go backpacking in the mountains. My favorite place is MT. Rogers and I would love to go on this trail in South Carolina called the Foothills trail and takes about five days to complete,” English teacher Duncan Memory said.
Summer is a great and relaxing time for both students and staff. Be sure to appreciate those who take time out of their vacations to better the lives of students.