Students Say What: What teacher has impacted you the most?

Jordyn Robinson, Features Guest Writer

Now that the end of the school year has come upon us, it is important to recognize the teachers that have made an impact on our development as students and people. With Teacher Appreciation Week having passed, it is crucial that we show our gratitude to those that helped shape us into the people we are today. Having just one good teacher in your life can leave a lasting effect.

Leam Hernandez (Jordyn Robinson)

“Probably Major Sugg because he’s always there for you when you need him,” freshman Leam Hernandez said.

Nicholas Lorde-Wolf (Jordyn Robinson)

“My fourth grade teacher Ms. Jakubowski because she motivated me to do more in high school,” freshman Nicholas Lorde-Wolfe said.

Alisa Chamblee (Jordyn Robinson)

“Mrs. Bryant because she makes me want to come to school, she’s the first person I see every day and she gives me the motivation to read, and I’m not a big reader,” sophomore Alisa Chamblee said.

Maahir Patel (Jordyn Robinson)

“Probably Mr. Dunham because he’s made me feel involved and he’s a really nice teacher,” sophomore Maahir Patel said.

Alex Payne (Jordyn Robinson)

“Mr. Memory, he’s one of the teachers that really takes an interest in their students,” junior Alex Payne said.

Melany Gonzalez (Jordyn Robinson)

“Mr. Rickert, because he’s very caring, compassionate, and he cares about his students,” sophomore Melany Gonzalez

Willow Hill (Jordyn Robinson)

“Mr. Memory is the most influential teacher because he is like a father figure to a lot of people, and he helps you pass even if you’re struggling in his class,” senior Willow Hill said.

Braeden Carter (Jordyn Robinson)

“Mrs. Peterson because she has always made me feel welcome in her classroom, and she has made me feel like my opinion really matters at this school,” junior Braeden Carter said.

Elyse Montgomery (Jordyn Robinson)

“Coach Johnson, because he’s super young and understands what we’re going through and he doesn’t force work when he knows you have stuff going on outside of school,” sophomore Elyse Montgomery said.

If you haven’t already make sure to tell your teachers that you appreciate everything that they have taught you.