A Night in Hollywood: Prom 2023 takes the red carpet


Students line up during fourth lunch to purchase Prom tickets

Lena Pearson, News Guest Writer

As Prom season approaches, students are not only preparing for the possibly most anticipated night of their high school careers, but their very own Hollywood debut. With help from the recently returned Junior Prom Committee, the glamorous theme will be brought to life for students to experience their own special night in Hollywood.
Despite years past in which teachers organized the majority of the event, the Junior Prom Committee has made an official comeback and has encouraged as much student involvement as possible.
“While it might be easier and less time consuming to only have an adult voice, I still think it’s incredibly important for students to have their choices heard. I thought it was really important to make sure that we allow students to have a voice in as much of their education as possible, including the fun things,” Junior Prom Committee advisor Tavia Gilmore said.
Committee members also recognize the benefits of having student leadership for such a big event.
“You get to have a voice and put out your own ideas compared to them just being made for you. There is a lot of interest for the rising juniors to join next year, so it’s already looking like something that will continue in the future,” junior Braylon Moyer said.
Although most technical decisions are left up to the Prom Committee and advisors, students were still given the opportunity to express their preferences by voting from a variety of Prom themes including Masquerade, Enchanted Forest and Starry Night.
“I actually really liked the idea of being able to vote because it gives people the opportunity to have a say in prom since it’s supposed to be for the students. If someone had just made a decision it wouldn’t have been quite as special,” junior Maddie Newsome said.
Based on the general approval of the decided Prom theme, many students believe that their peers having a say in Prom details allows for a more agreeable environment for high school students.
“Students understand what other students want when it comes to a prom and when it’s being led by people who are actually participating, it helps get some ideas across that teachers may not be able to see,” senior Carter Andresen said.
Prom will be held at the Millennium Center on April 29 from 7-11 p.m. Tickets are on sale for $45, cash only, from April 20-27 in the library during all lunches. If you plan on inviting a plus one who does not attend West, stop by the office for a guest form before purchasing a set of two tickets for $90. Thanks to the special efforts of the Junior Prom Committee, this red carpet will be one to remember.