JROTC students march to the dance floor


Major Richard Sugg, JROTC Instructor

Carlos Lopez (right)) and Pierson Shaw (left) enjoy the 2022 military ball with Superintendent Tricia McManus (middle)

Madds Whisenant, News Editor

JROTC students are excited to get out of the classroom setting and make their way to a formal, but fun night of music and dancing at the Military Ball tomorrow night. This annual event celebrates the accomplishments of JROTC and the sacrifice of the U.S. military. This year there will be a guest speaker, recognition of the oldest soldier and a dedication to those that lost their lives in battle.
“The Military Ball has been part of the JROTC experience since it started in the ‘70s. One of the units that we teach is how to act right, and one of them is how to act in a formal social situation. The practical application is the military ball,” JROTC instructor Major Richard Sugg said.
Before the festivities, traditions such as toasting and a dinner take place.
“The first person toasts the President of the United States, and then we go down and toast different organizations,” Sugg said.
For the seniors, this is one of their last opportunities to gather with friends and make memories. Based on recollections of previous years, there are many moments that will not be forgotten.
“Everybody in there has a fun time. I got to cut a cake with a sword,” senior Donovan Allen said. “Last time, I got to listen to some good music, hang out with some close friends, and had a lot of relatable experiences with people from different schools.” he said.
Underclassmen are excited and anxious to experience their first formal alongside their peers and other members of the organization.
“I’m looking forward to the food and dancing. I’m nervous about messing up etiquette or sitting at the wrong table, though,” sophomore Victoria Pioquinto said.
Despite the large amount of students in the class, not everyone will have the honor to attend.
“There are 500 tickets for the whole district, so that doesn’t allow everyone to go. Our allocation is 50 tickets,” Sugg said.
The event will be held at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Winston-Salem, giving the guests plenty of room to dance and hang out with friends. Remember to give your support in spirit to the students, leaders of JROTC and the people that sacrifice their lives every day.