Winter dance waltzes its way to West


Jacinda Jones-Bay

Freshmen and sophomores posing for a selfie at the dance

Mallory Hearn, Co-Editor-In-Chief

For the first time in West history, freshmen and sophomores had a reason to dress up for a school dance. The PTSA hosted the Winter Wonderland Dance on Feb. 25. After years of students asking for a winter dance, they finally answered.
“The idea first came up last spring when Tonya Nealon, PTSA Treasurer, and I were chatting while our daughters and their friends were taking pictures before the junior/senior prom. We had both had other dances than prom during our high school years, and thought it would be such fun for the students if we could plan and host one at West,” PTSA president Elizabeth Way said.
With this being West’s first winter dance, underclassmen were thrilled to be involved in these new beginnings.
“I was super excited for the first winter dance the school has planned and I know it’s something students have wanted for a long time,” freshman Audrey Peterson said.
The dance was originally promoted as an underclassman-only dance but after certain pushbacks, the PTSA released a statement saying, “Due to space limitations we chose to provide this opportunity to our underclassmen since they are not included in prom. Upperclassmen are allowed to attend the dance as a date similar to how underclassmen can attend prom,”
Nonetheless, students were very happy to have this opportunity.
“I was so excited about the dance. It was a great time with friends and I am glad that all students had the chance to be there,” sophomore Adam Frucht said.
Hopefully, this isn’t the first and last winter dance West puts into action.
“I really hope we can keep the winter dance going. It would be a great tradition to start at West,” Way said.
The dance took place in the school’s old gym from 7-11 p.m. Tickets were $25 and the dress code was semi-formal. Students came out and had a great time. There was music, dancing, food, a photographer and a DJ. The PTSA extensively planned and put a ton of effort into ensuring it was the best night possible.