Different dates for different romantics


Ava Angle

Two West students annotate books on a date.

Ava Angle, Features Guest Writer

A “go-to” date often consists of grabbing coffee or going to the movies, but those cliché ideas can become underwhelming. Some couples prefer a more immersive activity to do with their partner. Unique date ideas are hard to find, so here are some categorized ideas to make your life a little bit easier.
Book Lovers: Books bring us into a world of imagination through creative words and detail; they rely on our interpretation. Try going to your local second-hand bookstore and annotate a romance book for each other. You can go to a cafe for atmosphere while you annotate or stay in the comfort of your own home and snuggle up. Another alternative for bookworms is to write love letters. Spray your perfume/cologne on some tea stained paper and create a vintage style letter for each other.
Music Lovers: Music can go from heart wrenching to heartwarming through its instrumentals and poetic lyrics. Instead of going on the nearly impossible mission to find concerts in North Carolina, consider staying at home to burn CDs together. Put a blank CD into your computer and make a meaningful playlist with your loved one. If you want to go the extra mile, take a late night drive and test them out. You might learn a new lyrical perspective on how your partner sees you.
Spiritual People: Dear witches and crystal lovers, instead of focusing your practice just on yourself, make room for your significant other to feel protected and strong as well. Making spell jars together to ensure each other’s safety and strength isn’t just fun, but also shows good intention. Buy some mini jars and fill them with incense, spices and love. Seal the jar with a red candle to enhance intimacy and romance.
Bakers: Most date ideas for those who like to cook are things such as a candlelit dinner or following a recipe from Pinterest. For a change, choose your favorite video game or TV show and attempt to recreate a delicacy from the story. From Ponyo’s ramen to Tiana’s beignets, the options are endless. Although following the recipe is very important, it’s okay to get off task. Throw flour at each other, put batter on their nose and most importantly, don’t forget to lick the bowl.
Nature Lovers: If you love nature and gift giving, here’s an idea for you. Go to Lowes or support a local flower shop and buy a few of your partner’s favorite flowers to create a homemade bouquet for them. If you have time on your hands, you can grow your own flowers first. Alternatively, you can press flowers and use them in love letters or gifts for each other to show your appreciation. Don’t forget that girls aren’t the only ones who can appreciate a flower or two.
No matter what you choose, remember to have fun and use your time wisely. You don’t have to follow a set of steps to have a good time; you just need your significant other to keep you company.