Titans Got Talent: Titan Talent show returns


Ella Ashby

Nick Paugh, vocals

Jordyn Robinson, News Writer

Walking through the breezeway, we pass many people that we don’t know very well. Each of these people has a special talent that you probably don’t know about. The Titan Talent show is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the people you pass by everyday
West is one of the largest high schools in the district, so you would never expect to Faculty, students and teachers that are willing to show off their talents will be even better. The annual talent showcase and coffeehouse will be presented Feb. 16 in the PAC at 6 pm. This will be an opportunity to see all the diverse emcees of the village.
“We have had a guy eat an entire lemon while he did a comedic skit, and he kept a straight face while doing it,” Drama director Renae Hubbard said.
They will be offering refreshments such as hot chocolate and coffee will be available to enhance the experience, making it a great time to see if you would possibly want to attend the drama department’s performances and have fun while doing it.
The audience will decide the top three performances, and prizes will be given out.
“After all the acts are done, we’re gonna have a QR code on the projector screen and everybody will be able to vote for their top three,” Hubbard said.
“We really just want a diversity of cultures and representation, so that everyone will feel included. We want it all!” Hubbard said.
To view it all come out on Feb. 16 at 6 pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door for 5$.