Academic Weapons: ACE team heading strong into the tournament


Duncan Memory

ACE team competing against Glenn.

Azriella McClearen, News Writer

Some say nerds are losers, but West’s Academic Competition team has been on a winning streak this season. Since the start of the season back in November, the ACE team has been fighting strong through the season, with only one loss to Atkins High School during the regular 8 game season. With such a strong regular season, many team members have been looking forward to the ACE tournament, and decide who’s this county’s champion.
“I love working together towards a common goal and the sense of achievement after every game,” rookie player senior Caroline Lew said.
With many people returning and around 10 new members added to the team, there has been a lot of growth to be seen from each player individually.
“A lot of the players have participated before; they’ve done it, they know the routines. It’s the new people it’s fun to watch them play and have their first experience, because they’re so nervous. It’s fun to watch them grow and progress,” head coach Duncan Memory said.
There are many highlights of this year’s season, but the social studies team had one of the biggest achievements. They have won the award for the best Social Studies team in the county with a 7-1 score.
“I was ecstatic when I found out that we won best Social Studies team! I couldn’t have better people to work with, and it’s nice to know that our hard work paid off,” Social Studies captain junior Daniel Bryant said.
After defeating Glenn High School 195-101 on Monday, the team will be taking on West’s long time rival Reagan on Tuesday, Feb. 7. From there they hope to go to the championship on Wednesday, which is predicted to be against Atkins.
“I feel really good, it’s what we’ve been aiming for all season, I just want everyone to be healthy and there. But overall the most important thing for me is for everyone to have fun, even if we lose today or tomorrow I just want everyone to have had fun,” Memory said.