New Year, New Goals: Titans share their 2023 resolutions

Caroline Lowe, Features Writer

2023 is officially upon us, and the New Year has people across the world setting New Year’s resolutions in hopes that they’ll last past the end of January. West students have also been setting their goals for the year ahead.
“My New Year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating because it adds to my stress level, even though I end up getting everything done,” junior Karly Smith said.
“I want to start saving my money better and eating out less because I want to start saving for college,” senior Nick Byrd said.
“I want to focus on making genuine friends and keeping quality over quantity,” sophomore Sydney Baldwin said.
“I want to make the girls’ soccer team this year,” freshman Reese Williams said.
“I want to keep working towards my goals in sports and workout more consistently,” junior Aiden Seymour said.
“This year I want to get a job and start making more money,” freshman Kate Shearer said.
“My new years’ resolution is to eat healthier and get outside more,” junior Emma Hughey said.
“For the new year, I want to keep getting bigger and better for football,” senior Ty Thomas said.
“I want to be more active and spend time outdoors and in nature,” junior Addison Tolbert said.
“I want to work harder in school and make better grades so I can get into the colleges that I want,” junior Brianna Umfress said.
“This year I want to eat more vegetables and be overall healthier,” freshman David Ball said.
Whether your resolution lasts all year or just a few days, it’s always good to set goals and keep motivating yourself for the New Year.