The Principal, the Leader, the Author: Kevin Spainhour publishes his first book


Ella Ashby

Kevin Spainhour poses with former West student that he wrote about in the opening chapter of his book, “Dads, Leaders, & Father Figures.”

Caroline Lowe, Features Writer

When most people think of a high school principal, a published author probably doesn’t come to mind. But for Kevin Spainhour, the opportunity to co-write a book with his college roommate, Andrew Marotta, was hard to pass up.
“He [Marotta] called me up last spring and said ‘you’re my best buddy, I want you to write this book about being a dad and being a leader with me,’” Spainhour said.
“Dads, Leaders, & Father Figures,” was Spainhour’s first writing endeavor, and he was thankful to collaborate with others who were more experienced in the book-making process.
“This is his [Marotta’s] third book, so he helped navigate all of the steps for a first-timer, like me, from writing to publishing,” Spainhour said.
Having never met two of the four co-writers, Spainhour quickly realized that they shared similar experiences as fathers and educators, serving as a reminder that you’re never alone in what you face.
“Hearing their stories made me think about how others are fighting the same battles as you and walking a similar path, even when you feel isolated,” Spainhour said.
Spainhour included aspects of his time at West in his writing, such as a story about a specific West student featured in the opening chapter, which was centered around the topic of connection.
“Everyone needs connection in their lives, and I found it especially important to include it because leadership can often get lonely,” Spainhour said.
Another lesson that Spainhour made sure to include is the importance of integrity and staying true to your values.
“As a leader and as a dad, you have to find what truly matters to you in this life and uphold it, even if it’s not easy, and I think this book encapsulates that quite well,” Spainhour said.