Calling All Last Minute Shoppers: Holiday gift guide


Ella Ashby

Animated child happily opens gifts

Jordyn Robinson, News Writer

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah, it can be hard to shop for those who don’t know what they might want for the holidays, and getting cliché gifts could make “the thought that counts’’ less thoughtful, so I’m here to help you pick a more sentimental gift for your loved ones.
Book Lovers: Having cute little accessories for a book is good and all but picking the perfect gift depends on what types of books that person reads. Getting a bookmark, wrapping it and calling a done deal would not only make them think you put absolutely no effort in but you probably wouldn’t be invited back to secret Santa. So for example, if the giftee loves mystery books, a gag gift like a spy glass and fedora would be perfect to get a good laugh.
Nature Lovers: Going out into the great outdoors is very relaxing for many people and having gifts that could possibly make the experience better could be the most unforgettable present you could give a nature lover. So instead of getting a big pair of boots or an industrial level water bottle, it might be better to join that hike and plan an impromptu picnic. Sometimes company is better than any material gift someone could receive.
Bakers/Cooks: I don’t know about you but if I liked baking or cooking I wouldn’t want to receive something like a recipe book or rolling pin. If I was really interested in cooking I would probably already have an abundance of them. So getting something that could be used everyday, like a Kitchenaid, a hand held mixer for a more affordable option and a sifter could go a long way. Another useful present could be a cake stand or a nice set of measuring cups. Anything that could make an aspiring chef or baker’s hobby easier is a great gift to give.
Foodies: Personally, I think gifting a foodie is extremely easy, and I’m going to be completely honest. You might not need my help with this one, it’s literally in the name. Food. Hands down the best gift you could possibly give. So taking them out to their favorite restaurant or having an altogether feast is the finest present you could serve up.
Parents: Sometimes parents will tell you they have everything they could ever want or need, which usually means they subtly slipped it into conversations, and you should already know what it is. So to avoid the awkwardness of them unwrapping a robe or a set of tools that they already have, it could be better to go the more sentimental route. Try thinking back to when you brought back home that picture frame made of macaroni and cheese in kindergarten that’s still sitting on their dresser. Reminding yourself of a fond memory and recreating it somehow, could not only start a trip down memory lane, but it could be a present that can be kept for a lifetime.
Looking under the tree and seeing all the presents that you put so much effort into and seeing the look on your family and friends faces when they open them is a rewarding experience. So try putting a little more effort into the holiday spirit.