‘Viva Futbol’: With U.S. out, staff and students lean on their backup options

With the World Cup in full swing and the United States now being eliminated, students and staff have picked new teams to root for.

Ricardo Aravena, 11
“I’m rooting for Portugal because they have Ronaldo and he’s the best player in my opinion,” junior Ricardo Aravena said.




Jeffery Williams, Teacher
“I’m rooting for Croatia because one of my favorite players is Luka Modrić and he plays on the Croatian National team,” Jeffrey Williams said.






Haley Eisenbraun, 11
“I’m rooting for Brazil because they have always been my second team behind the U.S,” junior Haley Eisenbraun said.






Grant Talley, 11

“I’m rooting for the Netherlands because I have family from the Netherlands on my mom’s side,” junior Grant Talley said.





Isabella Henao, 10

“I’m rooting for Brazil because I’m a big Neymar fan,” sophomore Isabella Henao said.






Noah Trenchard, 10
“I’m rooting for Argentina because I want Messi to win a world cup,” sophomore Noah Trenchard said.