Top Thanksgiving foods that will leave you stuffed


Sydney Davenport, News Writer

Thanksgiving brings many different items to the table, quite literally. A hot-topic among many is what the best Thanksgiving food is. Between the Mac n Cheese, cranberry sauce, turkey and so much more there’s always a favorite and least favorite.
10. Pumpkin Pie
An overall last place finisher. Pumpkin pie has a very distinct mushy texture, and it makes it a
hard food to wrap your head around. Pumpkin pie to me feels like a slimy snack. The soft inside, that contains the pumpkin combined with the mushy crust because the pie has sat all day. It’s a no for me. Whether it’s dessert or part of the table it’s not the first choice, ever.
9. Green Bean Casserole
Following close behind last place, is green bean casserole. My family makes it every year without fail. The texture makes it slightly better than pumpkin pie. The crunchy green beans combined with the soft texture of the mushrooms makes some run towards it and others run from it. The day after Thanksgiving calls for leftovers, and this is not the ideal dish to be reheated. The flavors combined make it a top choice for a little more adventurous eater.
8. Corn
Relatively low on the list is corn. For me, it does not provide the highest level of satisfaction during the meal. There are much better options that rank above corn for me. The sweet and salty combo makes it a worthwhile choice for the table but not top of the list for me.
7. Sweet Potatoes
There are many ways to make sweet potatoes, some make mashed potatoes, some decide to make a sweet potato casserole and others decide to make them into a pie to sugar them up. Regardless, they provide some spice to the table.
6. Bread
My family makes rolls, but others choose bread slices or a toast of some sort. You could take the slightly tastier way and make cornbread as well. Bread is always a good choice on Thanksgiving Day.
5. Stuffing
Stuffing is different for each person’s family, but it is a delectable choice for anyone. The salty, savory taste makes it a great choice, but definitely not a top choice. When families get together, stuffing is always the safe option to feed the herd.
4. Mac’n’Cheese
Preferably, homemade is the better choice if you want to get it right. The creamy cheese and the soft noodles make it the perfect choice, especially in the south. Our Mac n Cheese cooks in under an hour and that is magical. It makes a perfect, fast option for Thanksgiving dinner.
3. Cranberry Sauce
A very controversial choice, making the top three for me is cranberry sauce. The bittersweet taste can bring both dislike and an absolute love. My grandmother makes the best cranberry sauce I have ever tasted. I think that no matter what your grandma makes, it’s gonna be good. Even if it’s not homemade it’s probably going to get eaten in my house. Canned cranberry sauce is okay, it just doesn’t have the same feelings and taste as when it’s homemade.
2. Turkey
A strong runner up is, of course, turkey, a traditional food that is served everywhere during Thanksgiving. The savory flavors and the different ways to cook it make turkey an all around favorite. Another big plus to turkey is the leftover factor; it makes great leftover meals in the days following Thanksgiving.
1. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Drum roll please… the winner is mashed potatoes and gravy. The soft and buttery taste makes Thanksgiving complete. If your family cooks them like mine, your favorite part of mashed potatoes and gravy is the homemade gravy, which is using the leftover turkey broth and cooking it to perfection.
With the talk of different foods and picking a favorite, having all the different choices makes it a little difficult. Make the right choice on Thanksgiving and advocate for your favorite to be put on the table. No matter how your family makes any of these foods, they are all great options for the table.