Fall One Acts Take The Stage


AJ Summers

Students practicing to perform “I Am Angel”

Jordyn Robinson, News writer

Seeing the bright stage lights and the Drama Department is always a crowd favorite, especially when the performances are happening so soon. The Drama Department will be doing their fall performances this year including ‘I am Angel’ and ‘the Hearing’. ‘I am Angel’ is the story of a girl named Angel (Millie Caldwell), who shows her wings and is made fun of for them, so she stows them away in order to coincide. Now grown up and in high school, Angel sees a friend being treated the same way she was. She could either continue to conform or she could stand up for someone about to give up their wings too.
‘The Hearing’ is about the life of a famous doctor, who is fated to make a world-changing discovery, and he has been killed in a car accident and now his life rests in the hands of eight people.
“ I think everybody is just really hype and really excited…there’s like a sizzle energy going on,” drama club director Renae Hubbard said.
The students are also expressing their excitement.
“I’m having a lot of fun with it and I’m really looking forward to it,” sophomore Chadwick Holmes said.
Hubbard explains the logistics behind the scenes.
“The technical class is putting all the sets, lights and sounds together, and we’re working on costumes,” Hubbard said.
Junior stage manager Ella Ashby also explains the direction the technical class is going in.
“We’re doing a lot of experimentation with new different kinds of lighting and projections,”
She also states how there will be different mechanical effects.
“There are a lot of really cool special effects that we’re going to be using for ‘the Hearing’ and ‘I am Angel’,”
Hubbard talks about how the plays will have a lot of meaning. She goes on to explain the meaning behind the acts.
“[I am Angel] is about believing in yourself and staying true to yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks… ‘the Hearing’ is about looking to your fellow man and how you can help others, and not look so selfishly into yourself,”
Student director of ‘the Hearing’ junior Ryann Perry is excited about the new talent.
“The freshmen are super talented, and I think everyone is just super talented,” Perry said.
The Drama Department will be performing on Oct. 13 and 15. Tickets will be sold for $5 at the door, so come see this talented group perform for the first time this school year.