Best Dates to Have You Fall-ing In Love


Caroline Lowe

The perfect fall date can be as simple as a Sunday afternoon drive

Caroline Lowe, Features Writer

It’s finally fall, the best season of the year to spend time with your special someone. Or, for those who aren’t as lucky, it’s a season spent poking fun at the couples who partake in the sappy activities that make us all a little jealous. I live for dates that make you think “aww” and internally puke all at once, so I’ve compiled a list of the best dates that will do just that. Whether you’re looking for the ideal date for you and your hallway crush or trying to find a fun date to take yourself on, this list is for you.
Carve Pumpkins: There’s nothing more romantic than being covered in pumpkin goop. Pumpkin carving is a fantastic opportunity to show off your creative side with a wide variety of designs, and you can still have a good time laughing if they turn out awful.
Bake: If you aspire to have a straight-out-of-a-Hallmark-movie kind of romance, this is the date for you. Break out the Betty Crocker cookbook, put on “Hocus Pocus” and get to creating whatever kind of sweet treat your hearts desire.
Take the Scenic Route: When your significant other is willing to spend a little bit of gas money on you, driving is the perfect way to take in the breathtaking views of the season. There are plenty of fantastic locations locally, like the Blue Ridge Mountains or Conrad Road in Lewisville. All you need is a fun playlist, some snacks and the open road, no route required.
The North Carolina State Fair: It’s a classic for a reason. The fair provides an abundance of opportunities to get to know each other without needing to maintain a constant flow of conversation. Besides, who wouldn’t want that iconic kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel?
Kersey Valley’s Spooky Woods: This list would not be complete without at least one activity that makes you feel like you’re going to wet your pants. It is called ‘spooky season,’ after all. Spooky Woods makes it nearly impossible to keep a tough facade, so be prepared to have your significant other walk crouched behind you (or vice-versa).
Plan a Picnic: Thanks to beautiful fall weather, you can easily find the perfect afternoon for an outdoor picnic in any of the numerous parks here locally, like Reynolda or Tanglewood. Pack up a picnic basket or get takeout from your favorite restaurant, grab some blankets and prepare to get comfy.
Scary Movie Marathon: This date is not for the faint of heart, but for horror movie lovers, what could be better? Put on your coziest pajamas or buy matching ones for the top-tier “aww” factor, grab some popcorn and browse Netflix to pick your poison.
There are plenty of date ideas for the fall, just make sure you pick a good pumpkin to spend it with.