Touchdown to Homecoming: Powderpuff is back


Mallory Hearn

Members of Junior Team 1 pose for a picture during practice.

Maddie Whisenant, News Editor

Ready for the first kickoff after Covid, the Powderpuff game will be back on the football field Oct. 11. Powderpuff is an all-girls flag football competition, coached by members of the football team from each grade. This is a fun and exciting game to boost school spirit in preparation for Homecoming. Players of all levels of experience can participate in the game as long as their GPA is a 2.0 or higher and they have no disciplinary action on file.
Junior leader Marissa Vernon is looking forward to participating in the game. “I think it’ll just be fun to be able to play, because we don’t really ever get to do that, and then it’ll be fun to have a coach on the football team help coach us so we can learn more about football,” Vernon said.
Junior coach Bert Rice also shared his enthusiasm about the event. “I’d like to see how competitive [the players] are; they haven’t had [the game] for a while, and they really wanted to bring it back,” Rice said.
Several team members explained why they decided to participate in the game. “I thought it would be really fun to do and to play because I’ve always heard of other seniors who have played, and they said they really enjoyed it,” junior Braeden Carter said.
Senior Reagan Williams also commented on her enthusiasm for being part of the senior team.
“It’s super fun and it’s also a good way to do something with my senior class too. It’s the first year they’ve had it in the entire time I’ve been at West, so I was really excited,” Williams said.
Despite sticking to tradition, there are going to be a few changes in the team arrangement this year. One change entails having two teams from each grade. Just like traditional football, there will be 11 players on the field at one time, but since a larger number of students signed up this year, the field will be split to accommodate the teams. Juniors and seniors are looking forward to battling each other on the field with both teams out for the win.