Mission Possible: Groscars makes its return


Kit Browning

Students in attendance at the Groscars pose for a picture on stage. Everyone is decked out in their best “super spy” costumes.

Jenna Jordan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Groscars (gross-Oscars) is an annual tradition within the drama department in which all kinds of talents and achievements are recognized in a fun ceremony in which attendees are invited to dress to a theme. The name was given by the 2006-2007 Drama club at their end of year potluck as a pun making fun of both the food and the sheer amount of it that had been brought, according to theatre arts teacher Renee Hubbard. This year’s theme was “super spy” and the costumes did not disappoint. Everyone in attendance was dressed to the nines in Bond-like suits or in all black from head to toe. A few notable characters could be seen in the crowd like Kim Possible, Shego and Perry the Platypus.

“[The Groscars] serves as a marker to let us look back on the year and all that we’ve done,” Drama Board Historian Alice Efremov said.

This year’s event was particularly special, as it was the first in-person Groscars that the department has been able to have in two years.

“It’s a way for us to get back and show that COVID doesn’t own us,” Drama Board Vice President and Co-Improv Leader Spencer Browning said.

The night began with an introduction from Hubbard and was then handed over to the Drama Board who announced the first round of award winners, lovingly given the name of “Awards Hubbard Won’t Let Us Give Away” which are just a fun series of special awards from specific events and memories throughout the year.

Stage Combat Master: Raphael Santos
Best Dad: Garrytt Ard
Most Reliable: Ella Ashby
Sir Claps-A-Lot: Alexa Mahan
Best Statue: Jonathan York
Best Taxi Driver: Connor Garzon
Best Frat Boy: Christian Mackanka
Best Dancer: Addison Nix
Elf on the Shelf Award: Jenna Emling
Most Passionate: Ryann Perry

College scholarships were also given away to two very dedicated and hard working students who really embody everything that the Drama Department stands for. This year’s Theatre Arts Monetary Award Recipients are Alice Efremov and Karter Evans, both of whom are planning to attend Elon University in the fall.

Seniors and techs are recognized for all of their hard work throughout the year and the 2022-2023 Drama and Tech Boards were announced. Senior Drama Board President Kimi Crouch passed along the title to junior Laurel Chiesa, who will take over the role next fall.

Drama Board
President: Laurel Chiesa
Vice President: Caroline Hoover
Secretary: Maddie Newsome
Treasurer: Daryion Lee
Public Relations: Jonathan York and Riley Womer
Improv Leaders: Nick Peterson-Paugh and Mariah Thomas
Technical Theatre Representative: Ryann Perry

Tech Board
Stage Manager: Ella Ashby
Master Electrician: Chloe Dellinger
Crew Chief: Karena Richardson

At the end of the ceremony, food and drinks were available and the dancing commenced. During this time a scrapbook slideshow of the year was displayed as well as announcements for next years one acts, play and musical.

The drama department pulled out all the stops this year and showed that even after two years of being unable to put on a proper show, they can come back and steal it.