Prom post-pandemic draws record numbers


Xiomara Dukes is crowned by Lauren Gillon.

Clara LaRue, Features Editor

For the majority of students, this year’s Prom is the first they have ever attended. This caused a major turnout for this year’s event, considering everyone wanted to get the stereotypical high school experience, and had high hopes for the occasion.
There were 927 tickets sold, which is almost 100 more tickets sold than in 2019, according to Lauren Gillon, who is in charge of planning prom. The multitalented Anatomy teacher and volleyball coach explained how it all went down.
“The theme was decided on by myself and Mrs. Gilmore; in 2020 we were going to do glitter and gold, so we had already purchased some things for that and decided to stick with a similar theme. In the future we might have students vote for themes. In the past we would have a committee of students who would do everything, but since it’s in the Millenium Center, they do everything, so we don’t really have anything for students and staff to do other than sell tickets and be at the Prom,” Gillon said.
The only problems of the night were long lines and heat.
“In the past people would usually come later in the evening and stay a little bit later. People this year came early and stayed a long time or came early and left early, which is what I think caused a really long line to get in. Usually there’s a line to get in but it’s not that long. I thought it went better than expected, other than it being hot, which was a problem.
“It was a fun night but I definitely was not expecting as many people to show up. Dancing was fun, but super hot, but the energy was good. Overall it was a great senior prom and definitely one to remember,” senior
Mia Laws said.
“Honestly I don’t think it was that bad for not having a prom for 2 years. It was really hot, we should’ve had more AC or fans going. Everyone was sweating. There was a pretty good song playlist going though. Overall I had a good time seeing my friend. I’d give it a 7/10.” Junior, Izzy McQueen said.
Even though it was most everyone’s first time at prom, the students were on their best behavior.
“I was worried about behavior since that seems to have been one of the bigger issues at this school from the beginning of the year. But everybody was really well behaved, and followed the rules and seemed to know the expectations,” Gillon said.
“Really the seniors are the only ones who would have potentially gone to prom, and they would’ve had to go as a freshman so there wasn’t really anybody that knew about the culture and the purpose of prom, how you act and all of that so I was pleased at the behavior,” Gillon said.
Students have mixed reviews about how the dance went, but overall it was a success.
“The night was so fun. I didn’t think that many people would come and all the seniors did which made it our best prom,” senior Matthew Browning said.
“I had enjoyed my time at prom, especially since it was the only time I was able to experience it. It was very fun to dance and talk with all of my friends that I don’t see at school often,” senior Andrew Lane said.
The 2022 prom king is Lamont Monroe and queen, Xiomara Dukes. The prince from the junior class is Tay Ellison and princess Makiyha Lassiter. Senior, Xiomara Dukes explains why she wanted to be queen and how it felt to be crowned.
“Personally, I just felt like the school needed a black queen,” Dukes said.
“Everyone there had good vibes, I was really feeling it. I had a good time. It was very exciting. I felt like that girl,” Dukes said.
After not having the dance for a year, it was a great prom back and an event to be remembered. You can view pictures from the prom here