Free Forsyth: Forsyth Tech confirms two years free tuition for class of 2022


Forsyth Technical Community College’s building and campus.

Kaitlyn McClearen, News Guest-Writer

Forsyth Technical Community College came to West two weeks ago to showcase all the programs it offers and brought welcome news to rising college freshmen. Tuition will be free for seniors who will be attending Forsyth Tech in the fall.
Representatives from Forsyth Tech only had one goal in mind when coming to West: to make sure as many people as possible know of what they have to offer.
“The goal is a pretty lofty one, that at least every student knows of the opportunity and will look into it, and apply if they want to,” Forsyth Tech academic advisor Eddie Waddell said.
The free tuition applies to everyone and includes textbooks. It covers all programs and tax brackets. The requirements are simple: get a high school diploma, complete a FAFSA form and enroll with at least six credit hours.
So far, free tuition only applies to the freshmen for next year and it covers the first two years there. Most of the funding for this comes from BB&T, and the rest is covered by Forsyth Tech . This is why it is important for students to fill out a FAFSA to help pay for the schooling.
Forsyth Tech has seen many pros to this decision, mostly when it comes to the amount of applicants.
For some it was a pleasant surprise, after already applying to find out the next two years would be tuition free.
“I am planning on going to Forsyth Tech because it is important to educate myself and to major in something I am passionate about….Next Year being tuition free was like a bonus for me since I was already planning on going,” senior Holly Campbell said.
But all thanks should go to Hayes, West’s Career Development Coordinator for bringing Forsyth Tech to West to show the programs to students.
“With Forsyth Tech being free again this year, it would be crazy not to have some program folks come and talk with students that have an interest in their field,” Hayes said.
Inviting Forsyth Tech to West has helped a lot of students see just what Forsyth Tech has had to offer, and Hayes has seen more students with an interest in going to Forsyth Tech.
“I wanted students to see the wide variety of programs available [at Forsyth Tech], there are so many programs there now that are in high demand….There are so many opportunities like information technology, to health science, and engineering paths all in addition to the college transfer,” Kimberly Hayes said.
If anyone is interested in talking about the path that is right for them, Hayes is available. Students can make an appointment on the West home page and figure out if Forsyth Tech is the right fit.