Poster perfect ways to prom-pose


Owen Reuter

Junior Owen Reuter asks senior Lindsey Griffith to Prom.

Jenna Jordan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but there’s still love in the air. Prom season is quickly approaching and it’s time to ask that special someone to go with you. But sometimes, it’s not that simple. In the age of the “Prom-posal,” creativity is key. However, some people may have a harder time coming up with the perfect ask that will take their person’s breath away. So here are a few ideas:

Spring sports themed
Maybe you have a significant other on a spring sports team. Haven’t asked them to Prom? No big deal. There are an almost endless number of sports puns to create the perfect Prom-posal, tailored to your person and their sport.
Lacrosse: “I’ve been looking al-lacrosse the school for someone to take to Prom. Can I score a date to Prom with you?”
Tennis: “I’d love to cause a racquet together at Prom.”
Track: “This idea has been running through my mind, but will you go to Prom with me?”
Softball/baseball: “Hope I don’t strike out here, but going to Prom with you would be a home run.”
Golf: “Want to par-tee and take a swing at Prom together?”
Sand Volleyball: “I dig you and I think we’d kill it, if you went to Prom with me.”
Soccer: “It’s my goal to go to Prom with you.”

Seasonally sound
Spring time presents its own unique situations and plenty of punny opportunities for a Prom-posal that can be tailored to nearly any weather.
“I know they say April showers bring May flowers, but I’m bringing you flowers and hoping to take you to Prom.”
“Today we may be dancing in the rain, but I hope that you’ll let me take you dancing at Prom.”
“The sun shines pretty bright, but you’d shine even brighter as my Prom date.”

For the foodies
Clemmons is home to plenty of cafes and restaurants, and surely the one you want to ask has a favorite. No one can turn down free food, so they can’t turn you down either.
Clutch Coffee: “You’d be coming in Clutch if you’d be my date to Prom.”
Donuts: “I donut want to go to Prom without you.”
Pizza: “You’ve got a pizza my heart. Prom?”
Wings: “I didn’t know how to ask you to Prom, so I thought I’d just wing it!”
Chicken nuggets: “I’d be one lucky nugget if you went to Prom with me.”
Cinnamon rolls: “Will you roll with me to Prom?”

For anyone
So maybe you don’t know them well enough yet to coordinate with specific interests, but there are some things that will just work for anyone.
Make a Spotify playlist: For this, you can either make a playlist with all of their favorite songs and give it the title “Will you go to Prom with me?” or maybe “Will you shuffle to Prom with me?” or simply compile songs that ask the question with their titles (ex. Will You? by Hazel O’Connor, GO by The Kid LAROI, Juice WRLD, etc.)
Take them to a park: “Want to swing by Prom with me?”
Disney movie: “I just popped by to ask if you were ‘Up’ for Prom.” (Don’t forget the balloons!)
Solo cups: “Don’t let me go to Prom Solo.”
Sticky notes: “Stick by my side at Prom?”

The most important part of any Prom-posal is to tailor it to the person and make them feel special. Hopefully this list can give you some inspiration and even a little nudge to just go for it and ask that special someone. Whether you’re just asking a friend, a crush or a significant other, everyone can appreciate the extra effort it takes. These Prom-posal ideas may be cheesy, but that’s the point. Prom is just over a month away so make sure you get those asks in.