Diving Into History: Swim team sets multiple records


Daniel Figueredo, Sports Writer

As the winter sports season wound down, the swim team added their own avalanche of accomplishments, setting multiple school and meet records. Boys swimming set a regional meet record time for the 200 freestyle relay. The record was set by senior Alex Valliere, senior Logan McDonald, senior Chris Miller and junior Jonah Greene. The team’s official relay time was 1:25.67 and all four swimmers earned All-Conference honors for their record setting performance.
“We were all super excited to get it. It was a cool experience and I think it will set the bar higher for the upcoming class, giving them something even better to reach for,” McDonald said.
This was not the only record set by the team. Both McDonald and Valliere set individual records for the 50 freestyle and the 100 breaststroke respectively. Valliere’s time for the 50 was 21.05 and McDonald’s time for the 100 was 57.34. Both earned All-Conference honors for their achievements.
“I knew I had a shot at the meet record going in, but when I found out that I got the school record too, I was extremely excited and grateful, breaking a record held by Tucker Burhans. I know he was a really good swimmer so it’s pretty cool,” Valliere said.
McDonald’s 100 breaststroke record also held great significance, breaking one of the school’s longest standing records, belonging to Chad Zuleger since 1994.
“We were all really really excited because that was the oldest record the school had and the fact I managed to get it was really hype,” McDonald said.
While both Valliere’s and McDonald’s records were individual, their teammates played a part in motivating him.
“They were very supportive. They got us very excited and hyped before the race. They were definitely a big source of motivation through the season,” Valliere said.
Not to be outdone, the girls swim team also set their share of records, most notably a school record in the 200 medley relay set by freshman Katherine Perdue, freshman Katie Kennedy, junior Audrey Frondoza, and senior Kelly Smith. Their official time was 1:51.42
“It was something we knew we could achieve, but when we saw the time on the scoreboard, it was really exciting to have actually done it. It was one of the first girls records to go down in a couple years,” Smith said.
In total, the swim team broke records in six different events, capping off their success this season in an incredibly special way and putting a unique mark on the team’s 22nd CPC championship.