It’s okay to be tired but not to give up

Kaitlyn McClearen, Opinion Writer

We are halfway through the year, and with that we are tired. Yet to greet our exhaustion we get new classes. This may seem hard, and it is hard. As someone who is chronically sleepy, I am having a hard time going into this next semester, but I am doing my best to keep my head held high and you need to as well.
Life is a lot to deal with. To me it feels like there is always something I need to worry about, always another problem needing to be fixed. It literally never stops. But I won’t even consider giving up in high school an option.
Whenever I felt like giving up on school, my dad who didn’t graduate with his highschool class always reminds me that it gets better after high school and that I wasn’t allowed to give up like he did. Currently we all have many responsibilities we are juggling. High school is a time in life when we have so many expectations, but not a lot of freedom, and this weird double standard is terribly exhausting.
This 2021-2022 school year so far 75% of high school students have expressed some type of burnout, whether it be boredom, tiredness, anger, sadness, etc. (Student Stress Statistics)
All of these students who are expressing all of this and still power through will be incredibly happy and proud of themselves when walking up to get the diploma they rightfully deserve. So that is exactly what you need to do.
The only person giving up hurts is you when you stop trying, but never get upset at yourself for needing a break. It is okay to be tired. It is okay to not want to keep up with that horrible class you’re taking. Take care of yourself, get the sleep you need, remember to eat, and let yourself have a break to breathe and decompress so you can keep going because we are all so close to getting through high school. This is only a passing time in your life and you should put in your best to get the best later.
It is easy to be pessimistic, to say you’re always going to be exhausted. Yet everyone who has kept trying has always been happy they did. So you shouldn’t stop trying, there is nothing to be gained from it.