Athlete of the Month: Aquavian Rush


Aquavian Rush

Chris Van Kleeck, Sports writer

High school changes people. For better or for worse, everyone’s four years of awkward pre-adulthood will be filled with growth. Your circle of friends will constantly be shrinking and growing, as it’s human nature to develop into different versions of ourselves. One person, however, whose friendly demeanor and persistent work ethic has remained the same since first entering through the doors of West Forsyth, is senior Aquavian “Quay” Rush.
“Looking back at school we all really have changed so much it’s crazy, Quay though… seems like he is still the exact same since I’ve met him. He always can make you laugh and doesn’t even need to try, I can respect him for staying real,” childhood friend and teammate senior Charles Miller said.
Rush has been a member of the basketball and football teams since his freshman year. On the gridiron, he’s played every position for the Titans, including running back, safety, receiver and his main position: linebacker. His senior year was by far his best, earning All-Conference honors as well as offers and interest from schools like Averett University, Methodist University and Gardner-Webb University.
“The football teams mean a lot to me. Those are my brothers forever. I love them boys. They all have helped me in the leadership part because we are a family and we keep each other accountable. I use what I know from football in basketball and I know I have access to different techniques that some basketball players wouldn’t get,” Rush said.
On the court this season, Rush has become a fan favorite among the student section. Midway through the season he has begun to appear in the starting rotation and gets a significant amount of playing time.
“I knew coming into the season I was going to have to earn my time on the court. It has been cool to work hard and become one of the essential players on the team. I just knew if I kept playing hard I would be on the court more and would have a chance to help us win every game,” Rush said.
After taking off a year to focus on football, Rush has had to ease back into basketball even though he’s been playing since elementary school.
“The most impressive thing about Quay is his mind for the game. He hasn’t played basketball in over a year and it took him a bit to get his feel back for his dribble and shot, but he has come a long way,” head coach Kevin King said.
Rush is not the Titans top scorer nor most athletic player, although he may say otherwise. However, he gives 100% the entire game; he plays defense, gets rebounds, makes the open pass and scores smoothly at the rim in his own shifty/technical fashion.
“He isn’t a very vocal leader, he kind of just leads by example; the whole team plays harder when he’s on the court just because of the intensity and effort he brings,” King said.
Outside of sports, Rush has been on A-B honor roll every year of high school, is a member of Crosby Scholars, and was accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). He is beloved by his teachers and classmates, the type of kid you never hear anything bad about.
“Sports have helped me a lot in the real world and in my personal life. There are plenty of experiences I never would’ve been able to have had it not been for sports. It’s given me basically my closest friends, relationships that will last forever. In the classroom–sports played a huge part because it gave me a mindset that I have to do right academically in order to stay on the field and do the thing I love most. Through sports I can challenge myself and give myself big goals, like playing in the NFL, which I wanna do one day. Sports have changed my life and I would not be the same person without them,” Rush said.
During games he is never visibly upset and he always seems to wear a smile. Since freshman year Quay has been the goofball everyone loved, who would wear coordinating neon outfits down to the socks at football practice. He never once complained to a coach or gave an excuse as to why he couldn’t do something. He did as he was told, was always in the right place, played hard and had just had fun playing football. Whether it is football, basketball or whatever he decides to do in life one thing is certain, he’s gonna work harder than everyone else until he is as great at it.

Pregame Meal: Chick-Fil-A
Celebrity Crush: Zendaya
Favorite TV Show: Kobra Kai
Favorite NBA Player: Kobe Bryant
Funniest Teammate: AJ Baskerville