Dancers leap into Winter Concert


Mallory Hearn, News Writer

Lights, spacing, choreography, makeup, hair and last minute fixes are upon dance students. West dancers are currently in the process of perfecting their pieces in preparation for the upcoming Winter Dance Concert on Thursday, Dec. 16 and Friday, Dec. 17 at 7 p.m sharp in the PAC.
“Not only students but faculty, friends, and families should come see the concert! The dancers in the concert have been working super hard this semester and have some amazing skills and pieces to show. It is a great way to get back into live performances and to support the arts.” dance teacher Taylor Roberson said.
The hour and a half performance will showcase 17 dances with a variety of styles and grade levels.
“There is a wide range of pieces to make a very inclusive and wonderful show. There is a little something for everyone,” Roberson said.
Tickets are on sale for $5, and will be available to purchase on concert days during lunch and at the door.
“The money that is made throughout the concert circles back into the dance department as well as our fellow art departments that perform in the theatre at West. It helps bring in necessary items that are needed to create the backstage magic for shows,” Roberson mentioned.
Dancers have put in tremendous amounts of work this semester. For some students these were their first dance classes ever.
“I’ve had an amazing time learning the choreography for the concert, and can’t wait for my friends and family to come see. I’m feeling really confident and super excited to see how my first show goes,” sophomore Stella Webster said.
“I am very happy to be able to perform this year since we didn’t get the chance last year due to COVID-19. Being on stage for my friends and family makes all the hard work worth it,” junior Emerson Lowrey said.
This excitement and passion is exactly what dance teachers teach for.
“I love watching dancers’ faces light up, you can see their confidence building up all along the way throughout the year.” dance teacher Sara Crater said.
Come out, support the arts and enjoy the show.