Students Say What: Which COVID-19 protocols should be mandated?

Mallory Hearn, News Writer

There’s no doubt that everyone is tired of hearing about the seemingly never ending global pandemic, COVID-19. However, we have come an incredibly long way since March 2020, now having a fully accessible vaccine at our hands, but this “holy grail” vaccine is by no means perfect. Many questions have been brought up regarding the safety and reliability of the vaccine, causing much controversy on whether it should be mandated. The vaccine is not mandatory as of now, but many students believe it should be so we can finally ditch the masks. Currently, everyone is required to wear masks inside all WS/FCS buildings, facilities and transportation, no matter vaccination status.











“I think masks are annoying, especially when it’s hot in a classroom. Though they do provide safety, which makes me feel good,” junior Tay Ellison said.










“Personally, I believe everyone should get vaccinated and that it should be a requirement. Even with the vaccine, we should all continue to wear a mask to ensure that we stay safe,” sophomore Nyla Hooper said.










“Masks most definitely need to be mandated and we need to all be vaccinated to keep us safe, I don’t feel comfortable when people don’t wear their mask,” senior Coreina Cannons commented.Many students feel as though masks aren’t living up to their full protection-potential, as students take them off at lunch and when walking in the breezeway.











“I think that if you’re vaccinated you shouldn’t have to wear a mask, especially since no even one wears them right,” freshman Kale Vest claimed.










“I don’t think masks and vaccines should be mandatory, mainly because at lunch everyone has their mask off anyway. But it does help create a safer school environment,” sophomore Azahna Williams said.










“The vaccine should not be mandated at all. We have no idea of the short and long term side effects and it makes you feel sick afterwards, which is worrisome,” senior Tre’Quan Dyson said.
It’s clear that students and the WS/FCS School Board want the same goal of safety. No matter your opinion on the COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandate, if you attend a WS/FCS school, you are required to wear a face covering.