You Don’t Go Here: The student section is for Titans only


Ben Radspinner

The West student section is for Titans only, remember your place on the bleachers!

Parker Ramey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

If you’ve ever been to a football game and sat in the student section you’ve probably heard the “you don’t go here” chant. This chant is directed at people in the student section who are not students; it’s meant to embarrass them and hopefully push them to the back of the section. Although this year it seems a lot of people aren’t getting the memo; the student section is only for Titans.

If football games aren’t your forte, you might not know there’s a hierarchy on the bleachers. The grade you’re in relates to where you stand. The seniors stand; on the front row while the freshmen are banished to the back. Many students wait three years to have the right to stand in the front of the student section. Understandably, many, myself included, have become frustrated and annoyed when someone who isn’t a Titan stands in the front, filling the most prized spot. Some may think it isn’t a big deal because it’s just a football game yet it feels as if we have paid our dues of standing in the back just to have that ultimate goal taken.

It feels as if everyone has lost perspective. So let me just lay it out, would someone who’s not part of the cheer team pick up some pom-poms and go on the sidelines? Your answer was probably no because if someone’s not a part of a team or community it’s common courtesy to not insert themselves. So why should it be considered okay for someone who’s not a West student to be getting the privilege of standing in the West student section when they did nothing to deserve it? I understand that not every school has a football team, and while everyone is welcome at our stadium, if you are not a student, do not come to the front row of the student section. Even worse would be to push a West senior out of the way to claim the spotlight. To be respectful, stand towards the back so West students are able to enjoy the game without having their place taken.

For everyone who wants to come to the Titan football games and isn’t a student, the parents section is screaming your name. We know everyone wants to be a Titan but on game days know your place on the bleachers.