Some Friendly Frogs for You

Kaitlyn McClearen, Opinion Writer

There are about 2,000 species of frogs, and they are one of the most interesting pets you can own. But which out of the wide variety best suits you? Frogs are not the easiest pet to take care of; you have a lot of things you might need to do to have them be their happiest and healthiest, but they are definitely worth it if you genuinely care. There are a few frogs, beginner frogs, if you will, that might suit you if you are interested, and this article will give you a short description of each one of them.
Horned Frogs
These frogs, also called Pacman frogs, are one of the frogs that are easiest to start out with. Their name comes from their eyes, which are like little horns on top of their head. Since these frogs are a ground-dwelling species, they have these eyes to poke out of the ground they are buried in to see what’s going on. This frog can get pretty big, ranging from five inches wide in males to eight inches in females, and they can be a bit feisty with a big appetite. But because their set up is so easy compared to other frogs, it has made it into this list. The list consists of about a 10 to 20 gallon tank and should not be housed with other horned frogs. They will also need substrate to bury themselves? in, humidity between 50 and 80 percent, and heated to about 75 to 80 degrees, after their initial set up it can be pretty easy to maintain.
Gray Tree Frog
These are a good frog for you if you want a tree frog, which has webbed feet and loves to climb. Unlike the Horned Frog, they are quite small males getting up to about two inches in length and females about three. These frogs can change colors from gray to green based on temperature and activity, which is just one reason why so many people like them. They are also pretty hardy compared to other tree frogs, which is why they are a good beginner, but like all frogs, it is important to pay attention to details with them. They are tree frogs for a reason, they climb, so it is important for their tank to be more tall than it is wide. Keeping their humidity a little over 50%, heat can range anywhere from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
African Dwarf Frog
This is a great frog for beginners. They are an aquatic species, meaning they live entirely underwater. They still need to be able to come up to the surface to breathe. Like the gray tree frog, they are small in size, growing up to about three inches, they have tiny little claws on their feet but no teeth or tongue, and they aren’t really aggressive. They are probably the most low maintenance frog on this list, or in general. There is not really a specific tank size they need, but you shouldn’t have the water much higher than 12 inches so they can swim up to breathe, and make sure it is covered so they don’t jump out. The water quality for this frog is important, tap water doesn’t do it for them, so you’ll need a water filtration system set up to regulate the water temperature and keep it at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
White Tree Frog
This frog looks exactly what you think a frog should look a mostly solid green or blueish green, adopted out of all the frog species. This is mostly because they can be tamed to be handled even. Though it’s not good for any frogs because of their very sensitive skin. They are around three to five inches in size, with females usually being bigger. Like our other tree frog, a vertical tank is better, 10 gallons good for 1, but if you have multiple, about 30 gallons will be good for them. These frogs like to climb and sleep up in branches, so it is very important to have climbing options for them. Then they will need to have humidity levels between 60 to 90%. These frogs are very tolerant, with a wide range of temperatures being one of the reasons they are good for beginners, but 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for them, however, it can drop around 10 degrees at night.
Frogs are really cool, and it might sound like they are really difficult, but if you really care, it is worth it. These aren’t cute cuddly animals like dogs, cats, or guinea pigs, but that doesn’t make them any less of a cool pet. If you want one, don’t impulse buy. Do your research, and make sure to get what the frog needs before you buy them. You can never be too prepared for your little frog friend.