Out with the new in with the old: Retro fashion trends coming back in style



As time goes on, things change, fashion is no exception. Although it seems some trends are making a come back.

Parker Ramey, Features Writer

What some call old, others call chic. As time goes on, more and more fashion trends rise from the dead. Some very welcomed, others not — *cough* low-rise pants. So, remember, before you throw out your old clothes, they may be back in style in 20 years.
Vintage graphic tees
Don’t tell your dad, but his old classic rock tees are back in style. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have recently been spotted wearing vintage graphic t-shirts, like Pink Floyd and ACDC, others since have gotten on the bandwagon. Being one of the easiest pieces to find, they are available at places even as cheap as Walmart, although if you’re looking for better quality, Urban Outfitters has also hopped onto this trend.
Chunky sneakers
Some call them grandpa shoes, but Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber known to start trends, calls them fashionable. What people are calling “chunky sneakers” are also known as sneakers with a little bit of bulk on them. Even though the shoes are somewhat controversial among people, brands such as Chanel and Balenciaga have jumped in on this style. More affordable choices are New Balance and Fila, although you can also find them at Target and Walmart.
Low rise pants
Oh, the most controversial of them all, the devil: low rise pants. The fashion trend hub is pulling a Britney ‘00 and bringing the fashion back. Many people are excited, but many are also disappointed in the fact we are moving backward to the most uncomfortable pants in history. These pants can be found at a variety of stores, a couple of honorable mentions being American Eagle and Pacsun.
Although some call them “the most pointless jacket,” that doesn’t stop the fashion industry from bringing them back. Whether it be a sweater vest or the good ol’ leather ones, they are here to stay. I believe we can thank pop sensation Harry Styles for this one. These can be found at many places, a few being Princess Polly and Nordstrom. Never fear if you can’t find one; I’m sure your grandpa has an extra.
Dr. Martens
Last but not least, the sleek shoe that manages to give you blisters everywhere. These 1990 shoes are making their way back into the trends one style at a time. What started as just the boots have now worked their way up to loafers. Although very expensive, these prize shoes are said to last 20 years, just enough time for your kids to wear them when they cycle back through. These can be found at www.drmartens.com, as well as other retailers.
These are just a few of the trends circling 2021, but more are bound to pop up. Over time, fashion has been known to cycle through. When looking for new trends, just look at what Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears were wearing in the ‘00s.