The Purrrfect Companion: Cats are better pets than dogs


Cats love getting love from their owners. If you’re lucky, they’ll give it back to you too.

Poppy Williams, Opinion Writer

Let’s face it, deep down everyone knows cats are better than dogs. Before you get mad at me, I’m not a dog-hater, I just think that cats are better. They are small, cute and cuddly and if you take care of them, they will do more than their best to take care of you.

One thing I really love about cats is that they pretty much take care of themselves. They clean themselves when they need to, they can be litterbox trained so they don’t need to be taken outside, they don’t need the exercise like dogs do, and they can just run around the house or be active inside. The only real maintenance to be done for the cat is to scoop the litter box often and remember to give them food, water, and cuddles.

Speaking of cuddles, although people think dogs are more affectionate, if you actually build a relationship with your cat, they will love you just as much as any dog. No one in my family has tried to build a relationship with my cat, Smokey. I mean, yeah, they pet him if he’s sitting on the couch or meowing at them to feed him, but other than that, they pretty much just let him do his own thing. I’m not like that, though as soon as I come home from wherever I was out, the first thing I do is go and look for Smokey. Have you ever gone home, and as soon as you walk in the door your cat greets you with a meow and then rubs their little head on your leg waiting for you to give them attention? If not, I really feel bad for you, and I think you should invest in a cat.

Another thing — dogs usually stink, especially when their fur is wet. You have to bathe and groom a dog pretty frequently because if you don’t, they shed a lot, and depending on the dog, that’s a lot to take care of. But with cats, they don’t stink. They clean themselves, and you only really have to bathe them if they get into something that makes them stink.

Cats are just overall better than dogs, and I highly suggest getting a cat and building a relationship with them because trust me, you will be able to tell that they love and care about you. I know most people want to get a kitten and raise it, and there is nothing wrong with that, but don’t forget about all the cats that are in shelters. There are always so many animals waiting for adoption to get the care they need and the love they want to give back.